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CAMVATE Dual-use Adjustable Cage Kit (Universal)
By Penny | 15 December 2018 | 12262 Comments

Arm Your Camera Monitor With A Cage Rig

Arm your director’s monitor with CAMVATE camera monitor cage rig specifically designed for on-camera LCD monitors sized 5” and 7”, it is  especially ideal for Atomos Ninja Inferno. It is full-equipped cage kit that will perfect fit your hours of shooting. 

The CAMVATE camera director’s monitor cage rig is made up of three big parts: firstly it comes the main structure frame which consists the beam cheese rod and plates respectively on the top, bottom and back, the monitor will be snugly and securely installed into this cage rig through this is main frame. The second part is the used for convenience which contains a pair of comfortable leather handle grips and a padded neck strap, it offers you an easy hand holding of the monitor. The last part comes the V-lock power supply splitter and its back plate as well, there is also an extension plate available for wireless transmission system.  

The available height of the monitor cage is adjustable at most to 140mm,  you can fit your monitor into it accordingly. The monitor can be solid secured into the cage frame through the screws on the top and bottom plate without concerns of the accidental fall. There are numerous ¼”-20 and ⅜”-16 mounting points all over the cage rig for more accessories. 

The cage rig is not only a protective armor for the monitor, but also a mounting platform for more devices and accessories to deliver ultra convenience during your hours of shooting. Due to the setup of the leather handle grips and the padded neck strap, it facilitates your operation of the monitor for easy hand holding using. It is not a fixed set that you’re allowed to freely adjust the handle grips during the hours of  shooting. Also the handle grips are detachable for convenient storage. 

What’s more, this CAMVATE monitor cage rig is equipped with a V-lock power supply splitter on the back plate to provide your camera a greater battery life while also offering several different DC outputs to allow you to power accessories. The cage rig also leaves an extension plate for wireless transmission equipment.    

With this full-equipped monitor cage rig, you are able to find it much easier and more comfortable than before to do studio shot or location shot with your director’s monitor. It is quite a necessary equipment for your shooting. Actually this is a great opportunity to have a high quality monitor cage at such a favorable price. You can’t miss it.       


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